The Whore

Speed limits are for old people and pussies. I should be doing 45, but as I look down at the speedometer, I see that the needle is approaching 90. My engine sputters and fights back as I push the gas down harder. It’s almost as if my car is screaming, “HEY ASSHOLE! SLOW DOWN!”. The car bucks as I shift into fifth gear. I dare it to stall out now, to leave me stranded in the middle of the road. It wouldn’t be the first time. Piece of shit Chevy.

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I wonder if this cat knows its name.

I know that it knows the collection of syllables that creates the name. But does it actually understand what those sounds mean? Does it know that Karen is a Danish name? Does it know that Karen means “pure”? Does it even like the name Karen? The cat looks at me with blank emerald eyes, tilts its head to the left. This cat knows nothing. Continue reading “kNOWing”

The Mechanisms of Desire


Charles Manson has begun to rip out his teeth. He keeps spitting out his molars, blood and saliva dripping down his chin. Once removed from his skull, he grinds the teeth into a powder and snorts it. The guards look on in disgust.


The Dentist once loved his wife, but he has now fallen for the intern. Her teeth are perfectly straight and so white they are blue. He loves running his tongue across them.

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